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Change is the only constant

“Change is the only constant” – Greek philosopher, Heraclitus of Ephesus. I get asked all the time by busy business owners, head teachers and managing directors… “Is it always this hard to implement change?” And of course the answer is yes. My view when Sir Alex Ferguson left Manchester United...
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Conflict Resolutions

One of the biggest issues to deal with in the workplace are conflicts. We’re not talking out-and-out fisticuffs and brawls here but more disagreements between staff. Although disagreements will always happen when spending time with the same people, most of the time the little niggles that set in can easily...
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Recruit Smarter

At some point or another, an employer has probably recruited the wrong candidate who seemed perfect throughout the interview stage, but when it came to them getting any work done, they’ve revealed they aren’t what they claimed. Chances are this is probably down to the employee’s lack of skills or...
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What’s HR all about, Alfie?

Joanne Howe, MD of Howe Consultancy gives us her top tips on HR and what HR really is… When I first started out in business I would get asked on a regular basis “what exactly is HR?” My young nephew goes one step further and asks “what do you actually...
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Top Ten Tips for Interviewers

Be presentable, polite, professional at all times Get a good nights sleep Smile and put the candidate at ease Plan the interview room (signage, lighting, blinds, telephone, tidy) Open with an easy question and end on a positive question Have a drink of water available Have all the recruitment documents...
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Top Ten Tips: Disciplinary Issues

Be prepared and ensure privacy for any meetings Be fair Be consistent Clarify the roles at the meeting Have a note taker Ask for honesty Allow adjournments Don’t pre judge the issue Investigate thoroughly Ensure independence